Sweet Summer Botanical & Hoops Solemnization + Wedding


Romantic Rustic Garden Solemnization + Chalkboard Backdrop Wedding


Dreamy Garden Papercraft Picnic Pre-Wedding


Elegant Modern Victorian Solemnization

JEremy + Angie

Magical Ballons + Rustic Themed Solemnization

MELvin + Stella

Fun Vintage Travel-Themed Photo Booth + Reception

YaZID + Sharon

Skydive Adventure Travel-Themed Photo Booth

Jonathan + ESTHER

Pom Poms + Lanterns Solemnization

Handmadebywai is run by 2 amazing ladies. They are actually our personal friends who are really talented creatives! I remembered pretty clearly that we did not have any idea what kind of theme we would like to have. They both came out with so many amazing ideas on the spot and immediately showed us many references. Because of them, we practically had a stress-free wedding. We Highly recommend them!

27 Aug 2018
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Wow Irene that’s super nice. You blew me away again! I nearly drop into the sea after looking at the photos you send. Thank you for creating such beautiful decoration for our holy matrimony yesterday!

Titus + Cass
25 May 2015
Irene, Nic & myself are very greatful for your assistance in our wedding. Many Many Thanks!

Monica + Nic
14 May 2017
Irene this is amazing I lovveee it I’ll leave it in your super duper awesome creative hands but honeymoon funds has a nice ring to it ;)

Sharon Wong
8 Apr 2015
U r really building up the excitement for us... With each n every idea u provide... It makes us excited... To see the end... This Sunday... I guess it is your fault... U gave us too good a surprise on the photoshoot. We really didn’t expect that..

4 Apr 2012
Thank you so so much for making my dream wedding come true tonight! No words can describe how grateful for all the help n effort you put in for my wedding preps n fabulous photobooth! ;) Everyone was telling me how fabulous e photobooth was. My helpers told me u are really creative. Detailed n capable.

Stella Ooi
2 Oct 2012
Wahhhhhhh!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCHIEZ. Amazing work Irene. Really tk u so much!!! This is incredibly amazing Irene!!! Tks alotiez uve really made my Church Wedding a huge success very warm n meaningful one. Muakz

Esther Yap
21 Aug 2013